Accucraft Baguley on new chassis 
New chassis from below. 
It was suggested that there are some Accucraft Baguley models around that might need a new chassis. I have developed the chassis shown using sintered bronze bearings, bevel gears and a motor/gearbox with metal gears.  
New cranks and coupling rods are fitted. 
NOTE not suitable for two rail pickup although this could be possible. 
New chassis, motors now at an angle to reduce height. 
Price from £180. 
I will need to be sent the old chassis. 
The motor position shown is on the prototype only they are now angled down to provide room for any manual speed control using the air filter. 
Quote from a satisfied customer: 
'The Accucraft loco "as was" was OK for shunting and pulling a short train but not for anything more. With your upgrade I now have a loco capable of main line operation at a cost much less than a new, or even second hand, Cricceith Castle, so I really am very pleased.'